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Sorry, I thought you meant service dogs in general require documentation in order to be classified as one. Most people think that, and it simply isn't true in most cases (air travel being a noted exception). This came up recently locally because a small town adjacent to ABQ, Tijeras, issued a letter to a local family that their son's service dog was illegal because it was part pitbull. In fact, the town can't do that (it violates the ADA).
If Trump is elected president, as a New Yorker you can bet sure as shit he'll put that question on the citizenship test. Despite the irony that bagels are a Jewish staple. But don't remind him, he'll get fuhrious.
Luna, you might want to read that link you posted. Question 37 in the FAQ. Airlines do not have to comply with the ADA, as they have their own code, the Air Carrier Access Act. The ACAA DOES permit airlines to require documentation. Most airlines require passengers with emotional support animals to have a letter from their doctor. Service animals have a wider range of documentation that is suitable, I believe each airline has slightly different requirements. I don't believe the human has to prove disability. Airlines are required to make reasonable accommodations for passengers with service animals once they are on the plane, but due to the critical nature of air safety, airlines are allowed to use due diligence to ensure an animal falls under the guidelines.
Snow obviously did a huge favor for Matt. What that favor was, I have no idea. You can't ship blowjobs, so I'm pretty sure that wasn't it. Although you CAN ship Fleshlights, and they're probably illegal in Kentucky, so maybe that was it.
Bulldog, in order to be classified as a service animal, it must come with documentation. The owner has to have a letter from a physician, and the animals have an ID card. It's slightly more involved than just buying a "service animal" vest on Amazon. And the only way having a service alligator would not give me anxiety is if it walked in front of me. I don't think I'd want it behind me.
^Just out of curiosity, how do you know they aren't actual service animals? Not all disabilities are something you can see. Source: my kid is one. I get pretty fired up when people assume someone doesn't have a disability just because it's not visible.
You know, for like, anxiety or some stupid shit.
The premise of the first one is the UK PM getting blackmailed into doing something really horrible, really publicly, or the princess (like a Duchess Kate figure) gets it.
Bulldog, we all knew she couldn't post it (because she said so in the post). Of course we want to see it and I have great confidence we will!
I got a super helpful email back from my editor saying, basically, "Just, you know, do your usual thing."