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People could say I was "catapulted" into poverty (my parents were not poor - they were middle class - but my grandmother certainly was...we lived below the poverty line, but she managed to make it seem like we didn't). But I was still taught to value education and work and that's not something everyone gets in their upbringing. So I still say I got a better start than a lot of people have. Don't you think it's ridiculous that you have to work 2 jobs to pay for your education, though? I mean, I do - I think it's nuts and I hate it for you. I don't think these things should be "free" but when cost is spread out over more people, it costs everyone less. That's just simple math. And our whole society benefits from a healthy, well-educated population.
Thank you. I tried to stay out of it. All I wanted was a sanctuary.
Not everybody gets a fucking medal. Not everybody is a fucking winner. I'm so sick and tired of people being so gd entitled vs actually earning something. You want something?? Go work for it. Earn it. I'm sick and tired of a society where we can't say shit because someone might get all butthurt. This PC bs society isn't working.
But here's the thing. Your opinion of how we are failing as a society and my opinion of how we are failing are different. My opinion - I'm fucking tired as shit of hearing the liberals cry like babies because they didn't get their fucking way. I'm sick and tired of entitled, ignorant idiots who don't get it. Shut the fuck up and move on. Give the guy a chance. If he fucks it up - then I'll eat crow. But in the meantime, fuck. Back off. Suck up your gd tears and move on. Last I checked, the fucking earth is still turning. And THAT'S why I wanted to stay out of it. Hate on me all you want.
Snow, you probably didn't read anything I wrote, did you? Because I'm not really sure what you could have gotten into. I wrote about my relationship with my brother, my aunt, one of my best friends, a House Bill that I feel very passionate about, a Republican Senator with whom I agree, and the press secretary. What exactly in that list of topics would you walk away from? Unless of course you masturbate to Sean Spicer videos. Which would be weird, but everyone has their thing, and you know me, I don't judge when it comes to sex.
I have a feeling that a donkey would be involved.

On I'm only human. In the blog Luna Tics
This is the time to remember your joy is in the family under your roof, the food in your belly, and the home you enjoy. Your children are alive and well (more than I can say for some folks, especially quite recently). You yourself aren't, as far as I know, dying of some terminal disease. You can afford to have fun, not just meet the most basic of needs. It's not that the other things don't matter - they do and keep fighting for them - but there is such a thing as counting one's blessings. Do some of that today.
Is Dolores the one who wants to be tag-teamed by the entire lineup of the American Bull-Rider's Association?

On I'm only human. In the blog Luna Tics
The power of suggestion is ridiculous sometimes. I swear I caught a 24-hour cold after watching Jack Lemon's character in "The Apartment" sit at his work desk sneezing. He was very convincing!

On I'm only human. In the blog Luna Tics
I wish you could smoke weed. You'd sleep so much better. Sucks about Dolores. :( And Teri is older and has memory issues but they are getting rid of someone else to put her in? Hmmm.

On I'm only human. In the blog Luna Tics