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This will be you won't it? POIDH on the yoga pants. You know the rules.
Or, you could trade numbers with the attending member beforehand and start texting once you get there: "I'm wearing the yellow vinyl rain hat, eating a reuben on rye." That sort of thing.
What BB said about arranging some system of recognition – perhaps a secret password of phrase, as is traditional for meetings between secret agents. But such is the benefit of hindsight! The literary pedant feels bound to point out that the sentence: I got something to eat and people watched. …suggests that a crowd of people gathered around watching you eat. Either ‘…and watched people.’ or, of you must, ‘…and people-watched.’ Personally I frown over my spectacles at the modern slang term ‘people-watching’, but I’m perverse that way. I don’t like to use the Oxford comma either, which many people *stares at Pamela* find barbaric.
OMG, make your death investigation class take a field trip to the body farm at UTK and I'll meet you there!
Thank you, ladies! I always appreciate so much haw supportive you are. Have a goo Saturday.
Sucky but you need hot water

On Fuck me. In the blog Luna Ticks
Great it's a perfect spot for you to enjoy the Cross

On Tooth hurty In the blog fakebrunette
Gas. I have the plumber here now...gonna have them do a new install on Monday. I actually have the money in the bank for it, so I am VERY grateful for that (I didn't spend much of the small inheritances I got from my gram & my dad, because I figured something like this would happen sooner than later).

On Fuck me. In the blog Luna Ticks
I do a local cat charity and a Cambodian child charity ( yup I'm a sucker)

On Be Good In the blog knifeboy
Have fun

On Verbiage. In the blog Luna Ticks